If you can dream it, we can make it.

Need a fleet of product correct and highly detailed Supercars for a racing sim? 

Need dropships, weapons, and space marines to outfit an assault in another galaxy?  We’ve got you covered.

Film, TV, and Advertising

The artists that Bend Reality use have spent their careers working as Modeling Directors, Lead Lighting Artists, and VFX Supervisors on a wide range of films.  We can create an entire spot in CG or integrate with live footage.

Web & Print

We can create Vehicle and Product still images, 360’s, and Interactive user-controlled web apps. Whether you need some insanely cool box-art or hero images printed at a building-sized resolution, let us create the imagery that will breathe life into your project.


Interactive & Gaming

We’ll work from your artist’s sketches or create our own designs.  We can deliver assets that are modeled, textured, and rigged.  Everything created by artists that have worked at some of the largest game and entertainment studios in the world thus ensuring that you can expect a smooth integration into your pipeline.